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Taking Breaks on Prospr

In this article, we'll cover how to go on break in the Prospr Mobile App!


1) While on an Active Shift, open your app menu in the top left, and then tap "Shift Ends".


2) Tap the Button that says "Break" to start your break. Your Active Shift will change to "Break Time".

Prospr Pro Tip: You can tap the X button to move away and continue using Prospr while on your break!


3) When you're ready to end your break, open your app menu and tap "On Break" to reopen the Break Time! menu.


4)Tap "Finish Break" and you will be back on the clock! You will also see your break reflected on your Time Card.


4) Your workspace may require you to confirm that you have taken your breaks before ending your shift. Simply tap the appropriate box before hitting "End".