Segmenting a Bulletin by Location or Group

Does your Bulletin only need to reach a certain part of your team? Learn how to segment your Bulletins here!

Segmenting on the Web App

1) While creating your Bulletin, locate the "Who Can See This" dropdown at the bottom of your Bulletin.

2) Selecting "Entire Workspace" will share your Bulletin with all your active Prospr users in the Workspace.

IMPORTANT: Entire Workspace is the default option, so be sure to change this if your Bulletin is only meant for a select group!

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 9.42.20 AM

3) Use the dropdown to choose "Selected Locations". A new dropdown will appear where you can select one or more Prospr Locations that should receive your Bulletin!

4) Once your Locations are entered, hit "Post" or "Update".


Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 9.45.25 AM

Segmenting on the Mobile App

1) After entering your Bulletin information, on the next screen you will see the "Who Can See This?" dropdown.

2) Use the dropdown to choose "Selected Locations"

3) Tap in the "Which Locations" box to choose your Locations.

4) If you need to remove a Location that you've added, tap the X button next to the Location name.

5) Once you're ready, hit "Post"!



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