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Requesting Time Off

Learn how to request Time Off easily on the Prospr Mobile App!


Submitting a Time Off Request

1) In the Prospr Mobile App, open your menu and tap on "Schedule."


2) Tap on the "Calendar" icon (with the X in it) in the top right corner of your screen. A Time Off Request menu will popup.

time off

3) Tap into the "Select Dates" box to enter the dates you are requesting off. Double tap on an individual day to request only one day off. Tap one date, and then another date, to request multiple days in a row off. Then tap "Select Dates" when you're set!


4) Use the dropwdown to select the type of leave you are requesting: Unpaid Leave, Paid Leave, Sick Leave, or Other.

5) (Optional) In the text box, type in further details about why you are submitting this Time Off Request.

6) Tap "Submit."

7) Your Time Off Request will show as Pending (yellow) until a Manager or Admin approves the request.


8) Once the request has been approved, the dates will change to Day Off (blue).



Cancelling a Time Off Request

1) You can cancel a Pending OR Approved Time Off Request from your app. Simply tap on the Pending or Approved dates.

2) In the popup menu that appears, tap "Cancel."

3) The Time Off Request will be removed from your schedule!



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