Your Scheduling Toolbox

Learn where to find, and how to use your Scheduling Toolbox in Prospr!

The Scheduling Toolbox will be crucial in creating your schedule quickly and efficiently! In this article we'll cover which tools it has, and link to the in-depth articles on each tool.

Locating the Toolbox

1) While on the Prospr web app, use your menu to open the Scheduling Planner.

2) On the right hand side of your screen, you will see three circular buttons.

3) Click on the top button, the magic wand, to open up your Toolbox!

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 1.14.08 PM

What's In the Box

Now that you've opened your Toolbox, we'll cover what everything does!

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Publish: Clicking Publish will publish all shifts for the selected date range. Prior to publishing, you will receive a popup summary of any users who are in overtime, any unassigned shifts, and projected payroll for the date range. (Add links for OT, shift pool, and seeing payroll here)

Draft: Clicking Draft will un-publish any currently published shifts. Your team members will receive a notification that shifts have been removed from their schedule, and they will no longer be able to see the un-published shifts.

Prospr Pro Tip: If a shift is published, your team members will receive a notification every time you edit their shifts. It is always best to make changes while a shift is not published.


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Templates: Create templates that you can use later to generate lots of shifts quickly, with team and room assignments already filled in!

Clone Schedule: Use Clone Schedule to copy an entire schedule from one date range to the next. You will be able to copy certain teams only, include team member assignments, and shift notes!

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Auto-Assign: Let Prospr do the scheduling for you! Select your preferences and we'll do the rest!

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Bulk Upload: If you enjoy making things in Excel, the Bulk Upload tool is right for you! Download an Excel template directly from Prospr, build your schedule, and upload directly into the Planner to create your schedule!

Clear: Clicking Clear will remove all users assigned to shifts. The shift times/blocks will remain, but all of the team members you had assigned will be removed.

Delete: Delete shifts within the selected date range. Choose to delete All Shifts, Unassigned and/or Unpublished Shifts.

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