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How to View Your Time Cards

Learn how to view your time cards in the Prospr Mobile App!


1) In your mobile app, open your menu and go to "Schedule"

2) Tap on the clock face icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen. You will see your collected time cards like in the screenshot below.

Prospr Pro Tip: Tap the dates on the top of your screen to select a new date range.


Prospr Pro Tip: The collected hours + pay for a pay period are shown in the bar across the top of each collection of time cards.

3) Tap on an individual time card to view that time card's details. Scrolling down will allow you to see your break times, your Geo-Fenced clock-in location, and any notes/history for this individual time card.


4) Your workspace may allow you to edit your own clock in/out times and breaks on your time card. You will that your clock in/out times have a dropdown to select, and next to breaks there is a + sign.

Simply tap on either to make updates. Your Manager will be able to view all changes that you have made.