How to Use Auto-Assign

If you have empty shifts ready to go, but would like Prospr to help with doing all of the assigning, Auto-Assign is right for you!

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1) In the Scheduling Planner, click on the "Magic Wand" icon to open your Scheduling Toolbox.

2) In the Toolbox, click on "Launch Auto-Assign."

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3) In the popup, there are several ways to tell Prospr how you would like the system to Auto-Assign. We'll review all the options available below:

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  • Home Team Only - Only users who have this assigned as their Home Location will be assigned
  • Prefer Home Team, Then Alternates - Prospr will select users with Home Location first, then any users who have the Location assigned in their profile.
  • No Preference - Prospr will not give preference to Home Location or Alternates when assigning


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  • Strictly - Prospr will not assign a team member outside the availability listed in their user profile
  • Loosely (+/- 2 Hours) - Prospr will assign a team member if a shift begins or ends closely with their availability. For example, a team member could be assigned for a 9-5 shift if their profile availability was 10-6.
  • Ignore - Prospr will ignore team member's availability entirely while assigning.
  • Yes, Allow Doubles - Check this box if you will allow Prospr to assign team member's for multiple shifts on the same day

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  • Target Member Hrs. Goal - While assigning, Prospr will aim for the hourly goal of the employee which is listed in their user profile
  • Target _ Hours/Wk. - Set a specific amount of hours that Prospr should aim for while assigning
  • Permit Overtime - Check this box if Prospr should be allowed to schedule team members for Overtime

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  • Choose Best Fit
  • Consider Prior Assignments - Prospr will use your previous shift information to assign team member's to similar shifts
  • Choose By Seniority - Prospr can schedule by either a user's Hiring Date, or by an assigned Seniority Rank #

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4) When you are ready, click "Assign Shifts" and Prospr will work its magic!

5) After the shifts are assigned, they will be unpublished so you can review and make final edits. Once you're done, publish away!


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