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How to See Who You're Working With

We'll show you how to use the Master View to see what team members you're going to work with!

Using the Master View on the Web App

1) On the Prospr Web App, use the menu on the left to select "Scheduling" --> "Master View." You will now see an overview of all shifts occurring on the date selected at the top. You can click above to change both the month and the date that you are viewing!

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 1.30.16 PM

2) On the left, click on a Location or Team name to filter your results. In the example below, I selected the Midtown Location and Clean Team. 

Prospr Pro Tip: If you want to view the shifts for a specific Team at a Location, be sure to filter by the Location first!

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 1.31.46 PM


Using the Master View on the Mobile App

1) On the Prospr Mobile App, open your menu and select "Master View."

2) You will now see an overview of all published shifts happening that day. At the top of your screen, tap on the date to change the day that you are viewing. Click on the "Filter" circle in the top right to filter by Location and Team.


3) Tap into the Locations and Teams areas to select and filter. Tap the X next to a Selected Location/Team to remove it. Or, tap "Reset All" to empty all filters. Then click "Apply!"



4) You will now see the filtered results of your Master View!


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