How to Pull a Report of Time Off Requests

Learn how to quickly download a report of all approved Time Off Requests.

Important: You must be on the Prospr Web App to download this report.

1) Start on the Dashboard of your Prospr Web App.

2) Scroll down on the right side of your screen until you see the "Schedule Activity Log."

3) Use the "Filter by Type" dropdown menu to select "Time Off." You will now only be viewing the accepted Time Off Requests.


Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 12.16.26 PM

4) Use the "Filter by Location" dropdown menu to further filter your results by Location.

5) Click on the "CSV" button in the top right to download your report! Your report will include:

  • Type of Leave and the Approved Dates
  • Who Approved the Leave / When the Leave was Approved
  • User Reason for Submitting a Time Off Request

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