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How to Pick Up Shifts

Learn how to pick up shifts that your Manager has put in the Shift Pool, directly from your app.


1) When new shifts are added to the Shift Pool, you will receive notification that new shifts have been added that you can pick up!

2) In your Prospr Mobile App, open your menu and head to "Schedule."

3) In the lower right corner of your screen, you will see a + icon. Tap on that to be taken to the Shift Pool. 

4) Tap the circle next to the shift you would like to pick up, then at the bottom hit "Add _ Shift(s)"

5) An Admin or Manager may have to approve the pickup request. You will see an "Hourglass" icon next to the shift while it is pending. Once it has been approved, the Hourglass will disappear and you will be on the schedule for that shift!


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