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How to Confirm Your Shift

If your Workspace is using Shift Notifications, this article will help you confirm your shift, and let your manager know you'll be on time!


1) On the day of your shift, you will receive a notification via Prospr and SMS text asking you to confirm your upcoming shift for the day.


2) You can confirm by responding to the SMS text with the provided code.

3) You can also confirm directly on your Prospr Mobile App. After opening Prospr, head to the Dashboard.

4) Under "Upcoming Shifts" tap on "Confirm" to confirm your shift for the day. You can also select "Call" which will call the Location you are scheduled to work at!


5) You're all set! You've confirmed your shift for the day.

Important: If you forget to confirm your shift, you will receive a second notification closer to your shift. Your Manager may then be notified that you have not confirmed.


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