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How to Clock-In On Prospr

Learn how to start your day and clock-in on Prospr!


1) After opening your Prospr app, a "Time to Check In" window will appear. To start clocking in, hit "Start Day".


Prospr Pro Tip: If you accidentally hit the X button, no worries! Open your app menu in the top left. Tap the running clock to open your Check In window again.

2) You will then be Geo-Fenced based on your location in relation to your work location. Tap on "Start Day" when you've arrived!


3) If your team has Opening Checklists enabled, tab the boxes to show you're ready for work, then tap "Confirm".


4) Congratulations, you're now clocked in and ready to start your day! You can tap on the X button to close your time card and use Prospr throughout the rest of your day!


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