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Article Tips: Setting Your Audience

Decide which accounts, locations, and team types can see your shared Resource Articles!


1) While creating or editing an existing Resource Article, scroll to the bottom of your screen to find "Access Settings."

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 12.20.12 PM

2) Use the three dropdowns provided to select which Prospr users will have access to the Resource Article.

Important: Make sure that your users have the correct account level, location assignments, and team assignments in their profile. If they do not, they may not get access to the Articles you want to share!


3) In the first dropdown, you can select between:

  • Everyone - All users in the Workspace have access to the Article
  • Admins & Managers - Only Admins and Managers have access
  • Admins Only - Only Admins have access

4) In the second dropdown, you can select by your Locations:

  • All Locations - All the Locations in your Workspace will have access to the Article
  • Select Locations - Choose one or multiple Locations that should have access
    Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 12.24.10 PM

5) In the third dropdown, you can select by Teams:

  • All Teams - All team types will have access to the Article.
  • Select Teams - Choose one or more Teams that should have access

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 12.25.26 PM

Prospr Pro Tip: Combining multiple filters allows you to get super specific on who can see a Resource Article. In the example above, all Front Desk members at Midpoint and Midtown only will see the Article.

6) Once your video is in, click "Save" and "Publish" to make the changes go live.


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