Prospr At Work is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to streamline the entire workforce lifecycle, from attendance tracking to corporate training. The centralized dashboard helps users quickly create employee schedules using a drag-and-drop interface and manage requests related to shifts, swaps and time-offs.

Prospr At Work allows businesses to communicate ideas, pending tasks and updates across teams using online bulletin boards, notes and more. Managers can utilize the employee training and development module to distribute learning materials, assignments, policies and procedures among staff members. Additionally, an online ticketing system enables users to raise maintenance or incident requests to notify facility managers, improving operational efficiency across departments.

Prospr At Work provides mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices for businesses to monitor crew members, even from remote locations. Pricing is available on request and support is extended via phone, email and other online measures.

Use Prospr to better manage your team (save 60% of time spent scheduling) & provide your employees one easy-to-use app for communication and safety. Daily health & symptom checks, health & safety reporting, exposure tracking and a dedicated COVID in-app resource center for new policy and protocol.

What can I do with Prospr?

  • Smart Scheduling

  • Shift Monitoring

  • Time Tracking

  • Clear Communications

  • Operations

  • Onboarding, SOPs, and Ongoing Reinforcement

  • COVID Compliance Support

Who uses Prospr?

Managing employees is hard. Prospr is easy. Built by people who manage people, Prospr At Work is a SaaS-based workforce management suite for businesses with mobile, shift-based employees (think coffee shops, gyms or hair salons).

Is Prospr for you?

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