To create a custom checklist in Prospr At Work™, meaning you don’t like the ones we’ve populated for you, it’s cool, we will be okay, head over to the menu on the left hand side of your screen and click “Scheduling,” and then click “Time Tracking.”

After, you’ll land on the Clock In/Out page in Prospr At Work.™ Click on the “Checklists” tab. Select which team you'd like to create or edit a list for. 

Click the dropdown under “Step 1: Select Team.”  Then select the specific location where you want to customize the list. Click the dropdown under “Step 2: Select Checklist.”

You might see default check in and check out tasks populated. To customize those lists, just click in the boxes you want to change. You can even delete full-tasks. Once you’re finished making your custom list, click the “Save” button.

Then pat yourself on the back, you just created custom pre- and post-shift  lists. 

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