Where is it located?

To explore the “Tickets” section in Prospr At Work™, head over to the menu on the left hand side of your screen and click “Tickets.”

What does it do?

Once you navigate to the “Tickets” section in Prospr At Work™ you’ll see the dashboard. This is the place where you can manage your tickets. On the right of the screen you’ll see your open tickets organized by those that are overdue or assigned to you and by priority. You’ll also see closed tickets if you click into it. 

Based on what you click into on the menu, you’ll see all of those tickets listed in the middle of the screen. Interested in getting additional detail about any listed ticket? Click it! You’ll then see the full ticket detail on the right side of the screen. 

There you can view the status of the ticket, it’s priority, who created it, what type of request it is, who the ticket is assigned to, and any additional notes or pictures attached to the picture. 

Specific functionality

Let’s dive into the many things that we can do.

  • + Create Ticket - Here is where you can create a ticket. For example, if the sink is clogged in the restroom, create a ticket! Want to know how to create a ticket? Click here.
  • Ticket Menu Bar - Here is where all of your tickets are organized by status, ownership, and priority. Its robust so let’s take a closer look.

Overdue - displays any tickets that are overdue

New Issues - displays any new tickets that were opened 

Assigned to Me - displays any tickets that you have to resolve (so get on it). Want to know how to assign a ticket? Click here.

All Open Issues - organizes tickets by their priority. Tickets can either have critical, high, medium, or low priority. 

Closed Ticket - displays any tickets that have been resolved. Need to learn how to change the status of a ticket? Click here.

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