To create a ticket in Prospr at Work,™ navigate to the menu on the left hand side of your screen  and click on “Tickets.”

You’ll land on the Tickets page in Prospr at Work. To Generate a New Ticket, click the “+ Create Ticket” button. 

A ticket dialog box will pop up asking for additional details about your ticket

Use the drop downs and fill in the appropriate details to create the ticket. Here is some guidance on how to fill them out. 

  • Ticket Type - select either Maintenance Request (which means something needs to be fixed) or Incident Report (if you’re reporting something that happened) and select its priority: critical, high, medium, or low. 
  • Location - select the location or team you’re reporting the issue or incident.
  • Subject - type in the subject of the ticket. For example, “missing light” or “front door won’t lock”.
  • Description - provide a more detail about the issue or incident. Some examples are, “the light is missing in the women’s restroom” or “the front door won’t lock or stay shut even when closed.”
  • Attachments - drag and drop or upload any attachments (pictures, documents) that might be helpful for the staff trying to address the issue. 

Then click “submit” and sit pretty. You’ve submitted your ticket! 

The ticket will then appear on your Manager and Administator’s “Tickets” dashboard widget and filed under “New Issues.” 

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