To change the status of a ticket in Prospr At Work™, head over to the menu on the left hand side of your screen and click “Tickets.”

After you click “Tickets”, you’ll land on the Tickets page in Prospr At Work™. Click on the ticket for which you want to update its status. 

Then, head over to the right hand side of your screen and navigate to top of the ticket. You should see the options “Open”, “In Progress”, and “Closed.”

Now, let’s pause and go through what the different status options mean before you update status of the ticket.

  • Open - the ticket was opened by you or a member of your team and there hasn’t been any progress on the ticket.
  • In Progress - there have been some steps taken to address the issue; but, it hasn’t been resolved. 
  • Closed - The issue is totally resolved and you or the members of your team no longer have to worry about it!

So, based on the definitions above, go ahead and click on the buttons to update the status of the ticket. Just note, closed ticket will no longer appear on the landing page of your tickets screen and will be in your “closed tickets” on the left hand side of your screen.

Take a sigh of relief, you’ve just updated the status of a ticket. 

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