To add a bulletin announcement in Prospr At Work,™ go to the “Dashboard”. If you're not in your dashboard, head over to the menu on the left hand side of your screen and click “Dashboard.”

After you click “Dashboard”, you’ll land on the Dashboard page in Prospr At Work. 

Simply click the “+” button next to the Bulletin Board text on the top left hand side of the page. 

Once you click it, a dialog box will open asking you to add the essential details to your bulletin. 

Headline - type in the headline for your announcement. Be sure to make it interesting. You want your employees to get excited to read it. 

Message - below the headline, type the message that you want your employees to read. 

Pin to top - underneath the headline is a box labeled “Pin to top.” Check this box if you want the announcement to appear at the top of the bulletin threat, and for how may days. 

Now, let’s make things pretty. BEST PRACTICE: Upload an image. 

  • Image button - we want to make sure your announcement is beautiful. Click here to add a background image. We’ll give you some to use, or you can drag and drop or upload your own.

  • No photo? You can still customize colors by clicking on the Colored Circle - click on the circle to customize the background color of your bulletin announcement. 

Who can see this? - select the audience for your announcement. You can choose the entire workspace (everyone) or select specific locations or teams. If you segment the audience, only users assigned to those locations/teams will see the post. 

After you fill in all of these details, you’ll see a preview of the announcement. If it’s good to go, press the “Post” button. 

Then do a little dance, you’ve just posted your first bulletin announcement. Your bulletin will be shown on applicable team member’s dashboard and app.

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