Congratulations! You're ready to Prospr At Work. To begin, sign up by following the steps below.Β 

To get started, schedule a demo first.

Enter your email address and click the Get Started button.

We will send you a code so you can confirm your email, In your email inbox, look for a Prospr email message containing a 5-digit code.

Enter the numeric code and click Confirm Email.

NOTE: If you didn't get a code, click the link on that page to request another code.

Next, Please select your desired language.

Next, Please create a new password.

Please upload a great photo of yourself.

Please enter your phone number.

Please enter your address.

Add your team members

Lastly, invite your team members by entering their names and email addresses. Don't forget to click the Send Invites button.

NOTE: When you invite your employees, they will receive an invitation through email. The email subject will be β€œJoin [Company name] on Prospr!”, and the email message will prompt them to complete their user profiles and access the workspace.

You're all set to Prospr At Work! Take a quick tour of how to set up your workspace now that you're in business. Pun intended.

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Setting Up User Profiles

Invite Team Members

Download and Install the Prospr app on your phone

The Prospr Glossary

Manage Workspace Locations

User Roles in Prospr

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