1. How do I reset a user password?

Go to https://app.prospr.work/login and click we can help here.

2. How do I terminate a user?

Go to the User Profile and under user details, go to Account Status and click Disabled. Click save.

3. How do I reinstate a user?

A user will be stored in the directory as disabled, and can be reinstated in Account Status and clicking Active.

You will have to add availability and home location back to profile once rehired.

4. How do I update scheduling availability?

In user profile, go to the availability tab and add specific days and hours associate is available. Drag and drop to the next day, or adjust time as needed.

5. Is there a way to permanently delete an employee

There is no way to delete a user, due to record keeping and the ability to access user history if needed.

6. How do you add/import multiple users at once?

At this point in time, there is no way to import multiple users at once. We are quickly working to add this feature.

7. How can I tell if a user has accepted the invite to join Prospr At Work?

Within the Manage User page, you can see the when a user has been invited and if they have accepted. Invited means the invitation is pending, active means the user has activated the profile.

8. Can an admin edit a user's email address, phone number, or profile pic for an employee?

No, these details can only be changed by the user themselves.

9. Can I add a user to multiple departments if they work two jobs within the company?

At this point in time, there is no way to assign a user to multiple departments. We are quickly working to add this feature.

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