1. If changes to user availability are made for future schedules, will that effect currently scheduled shifts? 

Existing shifts will remain on the schedule as they are, future schedules will use the availability inputted into user profile. If you add a single shift it will prompt you about availability, which you can then override.

2. I added a shift and my team member doesn't see it on their schedule.

Make sure you published the shift. You can publish an entire schedule by using the publish button on the tool bar, or publish a single shift by clicking on the notepad icon to the right of the shift and clicking publish. If you want to alert the user, click send the send notification to assignee button.

3. Is it possible to make the start of the week a certain day?

At this point in time, there is not a way to customize the day to start a week. We are quickly working to add this feature.

4. I need a single shift to start at 9:15 or end on the :45, is this possible?

You can create templates on the hour, 15, 30 and 45 minute intervals. When drawing a single shift on the schedule, currently the only options are the hour and the 30 option. We are quickly working to add this feature.

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