Your team can manage their schedules and get in touch with teammates who are open to cover with a few clicks.

Schedule and Shift Availability: Make sure you have up to date information about your team’s permanent schedule, available days to cover, additional days and the locations your team are willing to work and/or cover.

Your team will go to My Schedule in the calendar view, go to the day to request coverage and click Switch Shift.

Your team member dropping the shift will get the message that they are responsible for their shift until they receive a notification that an eligible associate has picked the shift up. It will remain as "A shift switch has been initiated. The shift will remain on your schedule until it has been picked up by another team member." It is also marked with an unlocked symbol. Should the team member want to cancel the switch they can do so.

A text message will be sent to all available team members with a code to verify picking up the shift. Whomever is eligible and first to respond will pick up the shift.

When the shift has been picked up by another team member they will get a message letting them know that the shift has been released from their schedule and automatically updated for your team and manager.

Set Shift Switching Preferences can be set from the Planner. 




 Determine how you would like to be notified for shift switches and overtime.










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