Shift Monitor

Β Pre-shift text messages are customizable time frames before team members are expected to be at work.

The yellow means the first text has been sent and awaiting confirmation

The red means a second text has been sent and awaiting confirmation.

The blue means the shift is confirmed.

You can see who is confirmed and on their way to work.

If a second text is sent closer to the shift, it will alert you on the monitor.

Set your company up for success by determining which notification settings make sense for you and your team.

Go to the "Scheduling and Planner" section on the right side of the toolbar. Click on the "Settings" icon.

Notifications Setting

Employee Notifications: Determine the best time for your team to receive a text message for a pre-shift reminder. It will be sent to your team member each shift they are scheduled to work.

Set the First Notification and the Second Notification with the drop down. We recommend 90 and 30 minutes before the schedule.

If they have not confirmed a shift you can send a second notification in a preset amount of time. We recommend 90 and 30 minutes.

Management Alerts: Decide if you would like the admin and manager to be alerted via text message for unconfirmed text messages and at what time pre-shift your manager is alerted to unconfirmed shifts.

Click "Save Settings".

Shift Switches Settings

Overtime notification settings:

Decide if you would like your managers to approve shift coverage that pushes employees into overtime.

Choose if you want team members to receive coverage texts if picking up shifts will result in overtime.

Define what overtime means to your company: is it 40 hours or the weekly hourly goal set in the team member profile.

Click "Save Settings."

Recommendation Settings

Set preferred assignments for who fits best for schedule recommendations.

Team: Your team members are assigned a home team and alternates based on which locations they can work and cover.

Availability: Your team members will have a set schedule when they normally work. When you auto assign or shift switch, you have the option to stick to preferred availability strictly, with a two hour grace period, or ignore schedule in total.

Overtime: Define what overtime means to your company: is it 40 hours or the weekly hourly goal set in the team member profile.

Fit: The schedule will take into account your team members previously scheduled shifts when assigning.

Double Shifts: If your company allows double shifts, click the box to allow doubles.

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