Confirming Shifts

Every day you are working, you will get a text message to confirm you are on your way to work before your shift. Send the confirmation code back to the number that sent it to you and your manager will know you are on your way to work. You can also do from the mobile app or computer by clicking "Confirm Shift."

Coverage just got a whole lot easier. You can drop and pick up shifts with the click of a button and be able to get in touch with teammates who are open to cover your day off requests.


Go to "My Schedule" in the calendar view, go to the day you would like to request coverage and click Switch Switch.

It will remain as "A shift switch has been initiated for this shift." on your schedule, marked with an unlocked symbol until your shift has been picked up and assigned to someone else.

When the shift has been picked up by another team member you will get a message letting you know that the shift has been released from your schedule and automatically updated on the schedule for your team and manager.

Picking up a Shift

You will receive text messages when your co-workers need shift coverage.

Respond back with the code if you can pick up the shift and once you are confirmed, your schedule will automatically update.


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