Setting Up your Profile

Your Company will send you a Join Your Company on Prospr At Work email.

Click the Login to Prospr button. You will be prompted to enter your specific code sent to you in the email. Once you are logged in, click "Invited" and you will be prompted to "Accept" the invitation.

Once you have logged in, tell us more about who you are by updating your profile information.

Your "Profile Settings" are located on the top right corner of the screen.


Enter your Info and confirm your email and mobile phone number.

Your phone number should be set up in the format of 000-000-0000.

When you click confirm, you will receive a confirmation code via email and text message. Once you receive it, enter the code here:

Click "confirm" and you are on your way to receiving all work communication!

Update your profile completely by: 

Filling in your profile information including address, social media accounts and add a profile picture.

Make sure to change and update your password to one you can remember.

A completely updated profile allows you access to all the information available to you on the dashboard, receive text message communication, and announcements.

Click "save" on each page of your profile when you have entered the information.

Language Preference: You can choose which language you prefer to experience Prospr At Work in, either English or Spanish.

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